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Three Thanksgivings

Four Christmases

When I saw the poster for Four Christmases (which opens today) for the first time, I thought, “That’s me! I’m totally Reese Witherspoon!”

I don’t actually have four holidays to attend, but three’s pretty close. I’m sort of Reese Witherspoon. My husband (way cuter than Vince Vaughn) and I grew up near each other, so instead of trading off which family we see for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we just visit everybody for both. That means my dad, my mom, and his parents, in various orders and with various siblings and small children attached to each. That’s a lot of turkey.

After I watched the preview for the movie, though, I realized I’m even less like Reese Witherspoon than I thought. Boo! Now, I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I can’t confirm my suspicion that, this being a comedy, everybody ends up happy. But boy, is everyone nutso in the preview. Crazy parents, weird siblings, spit-uppy kids, and a couple that doesn't seem to know that much about each other. Of course, those are movie ingredients, but I’m pretty relieved that it bears little resemblance to my Three Thanksgivings. How’d I get so lucky that all of our families are so nice about our whirlwind way of doing the holidays? And that the kids are awesome, and we eat really well? Thanks, families! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.