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Times: Crummy. Cookies: Yummy.

Proof that someone will come up with a sugary spin on the recession:

A company in Scotland has created Credit Crunch cookies. What started as a local fave quickly became the treat of the day on popular British TV and newspapers. And now, we across-the-pond folks can get them at

From the side of the can:

If your equity’s negative and your life feels sub-prime,
There’s no point in stressing, it’s just a sign of the times,
Grab a Credit Crunch Cookie, and a coffee perhaps,
Then sit back and relax as the markets collapse….

Tee hee. And I know that I tend to go straight for a cookie whenever I'm stressed out.

I have to say, though, at $8 for 8 cookies, they better be Very FreakinYummy! (I'm sure they are…)