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Toddler Snow Gear That Actually Stays On

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We had a big dump of snow overnight here in New York City, plus it’s bitter cold. Suddenly, among my mom friends it’s become a pressing matter to find snow gear that toddlers will actually keep on. My own 18-month-old loves putting on a hat and mittens; unfortunately, he also loves ripping them off seconds later. I am in need of hats and mittens that will stave off well-meaning-but-totally-nosy comments from strangers who worry he’ll get frostbite. Also, I don’t want him to actually get frostbite.  

So I searched around for toddler-proof hats and mittens that will stay put so little fingers and heads don’t freeze.

Top, from left: Zutano Cozy Mittens, $12; Skull Pom Pom Knit Baby/Toddler Hat, $18; Polarn O. Pyret Reversible Striped Helmet, $16.50

Middle, from left: SnowStoppers Stay-on Fleece Mittens, $11.95; Tane Organics Fairisle Mittens, $43

Bottom, from left: Melton *Stan* Boys Balaclava Hat, $52.99; 7 A.M. Enfant 212 Water Repellent and Fleece Lined Mittens with Velcro Closure, $18; Roxy Kids Camp Fire Hat, $29.50