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Too Many Snacks?

Are today’s kids snackaholics? A recent article in the The New York Times by Jennifer Steinhauer ponders why snacks seems to be de rigueur at every single family event, and asks why so many parents give in to the nibblies, despite a growing obesity problem.

This resonates for me, as snacks are a big issue in my house. My string bean of a daughter, who seems to only have one speed -- running, asks for snacks all day long. If you dare come to school pick-up empty-handed, well, hell hath no fury like a 4-year-old without her fruit leather. The constant grazing drives me nuts, but this is one of those battles I choose not to fight. I don’t want to start food issues, and her weight is fine. And when a few carrots sticks 30 minutes before dinner = whine-free meal prep, it’s hard to be principled. As long as I keep the snacks (mostly) healthy, I figure no harm done. My husband disagrees. He thinks she’d eat better at meals if she actually let herself get hungry, and the waste of all those individually packaged snack packs bugs him too. He’s absolutely right; he also rarely find himself in the aforementioned carrot stick dilemma.

Do your kids snack like crazy? Do you impose snacking rules or do you just let it slide?