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Too Much TV for Tots Poses Long-Term Harm

Recently, TV time and kids has become a hot topic on Senior editor Sasha banned weeknight TV in her home, a la the Obamas. Over at the Parenting Post, bloggers Mighty Maggie and Erin Zammett Ruddy admitted to the convenience of TV, but worried it was becoming too much of their kids' daily routines.

Now, a new study has come out that says too much TV for toddlers (and therefore less exercise and higher consumption of junk food) can lead to poor health and school performance by age 10. The study recommends capping TV time for tots at 2 hours per day.

Yikes. Most moms need a bit of boob tube distraction for their kids, but maybe now that spring is coming (warmer weather!), it'll be a good opportunity to turn off the TV and send the kids outside for some good ol' fashioned exercise and playtime. A sprinkler, hula hoop and these other get-moving toys are fun ways to get started.

Just a thought: I'm not really a TV fan myself (all the good shows are cancelled! RIP Ugly Betty), but I wonder when they're going to do a study on all the trashy reality shows (hello, Real Housewives, The Hills, Jersey Shore) adults watch, to see what affect it has on us. At least Dora the Explorer is somewhat educational!

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