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Top 10: Things That Are Okay Not to Share With Your Kids

1. Your cheesecake

2. Your private potty time

3. Your rationale for deciding who gets to sit by the window

4. Your wild, semi-legal pastimes during your teen years—and that weekend they stayed at Grandma’s

5. That, believe it or not, you want to yell way more than you do

6. That Elmo is just a woolly puppet with a 48-year-old’s hand up his butt

7. That, come Monday, you’re often incredibly psyched to go to work

8. That you sometimes go for weeks without eating vegetables

9. That, no, you really don’t want her to sing the Barney song again, right this very second

10. But that she should go ahead because you’ll be so sad when she’s too old and cool to offer