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Tween-speak, Decoded!

My daughter Alex, for her birthday, got to design her own sneakers at She went online and came up with her own, um, eye-popping design: They’re ultra-high tops, with half the sneaker in a black-and-white skull pattern, the other half electric blue, with a bright green strip up the back, pink laces, and black soles.

When they arrived, she was giddy with pride, put them on (it took about 10 minutes to lace up—that’s how high they are), and paraded over to her older sister Kate to show them off. “Uh oh,” I thought, knowing that a snide comment or raised eyebrow would totally deflate her.

“Wow,” said Kate. “Those are really sick.” (“UH OH UH OH UH OH!” I thought.) “Thanks!” said Alex, beaming. “They ARE really sick.”

Phew. Sick is good. I looked it up on “Crazy, cool, insane.” Ok!

Heard any new kid-words that you’d like to pass along?