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Tween Watch: Important Milestone Reached!

Ok, this isn’t going to sound important to you, but it’s life-changing/earth-shattering to me: Alex can now get all the knots out of her own hair.

Yeah, yeah, yeah: There are 6-year-olds who can get the knots out of their own hair. But like her older sister, Alex has reached this milestone at age 12. They both have long, thick, heavy straight hair that’s prone to serious knots -- particularly Alex, who spends many of her waking hours running/cartwheeling/rolling on the floor with the dog, etc.

I can’t tell you how many hours of the past 10-plus-years I’ve spent sitting behind first one, and then the other, of my girls, working out the knots with a combination of a brush, my fingers, and detangling spray, listening to her whine and complain that YOU’RE KILLING ME JUST STOP MOM STOP! If I’d had all those hours free, I could have cured cancer! (Ok, not that -- but I could have organized all the closets in the house and then some.)

The other night, she came to me with a gleeful look, handed me her brush, and said, “Brush my hair! Go ahead!” And it glided through, smooth as silk. She was SO proud of herself.

This isn’t one of those milestones that I feel bittersweet about reaching. This is how I feel: “Yay! I’m free!”