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Twilight Moms Vamp it Up

Even James Bond is no match against vampires. Twilight, the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's blockbuster vampire novel, smashed its competition over the weekend, taking in over $70 million (the biggest opening ever for a female director!). [Box Office Mojo]

Much of the film's success is due to devotees of the book, which include tweens, teens, and an enthusiastic group of Twilight Moms. Twilight Moms was founded by Lisa, a mom who was obsessed with the books, but felt she couldn't relate to the other fans in her neighborhood -- teenage girls. She wanted "a place where 'our kind' can relate without having to wade through all the teenage Internet code mumbo jumbo like 'OMG!!! IMHO Edward [Twilight's vampire heartthrob] is sooo Hawt!!!'"

There are now 18,000+ registered members on the Twilight Moms Forum (you can only register if you are at least 25 years old, a mom, or married). Other sites offer TwiMoms merchandise and a "How To Be A Cool Twilight Mom" manifesto ("Join your tween/teen in trying to contemplate what your Vampire power would be based on your natural talents as a human."). TwiMoms have even waited for hours, sometimes days, in bad weather to get on-location photos of the film.

But what is it about Twilight that drives these moms into a frenzy? blogger Daring Young Mom "read all the books with giddy glee" and attended a Twilight midnight screening:

"My friends and I sat huddled together in our seats, grabbing each other's hands, grinning and screaming like we were smack in the middle of Beatlemania. It was fun to put on the cloak of my inner-15-year-old-ness and squeal for a couple of hours about passionate forbidden vampiric teenage romance. Sometimes I wanna eat steak and salad for dinner. Sometimes I'd prefer to down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and call it good. Last night was a Ben and Jerry’s experience."

Poor Nosferatu will be waiting a long, long time for this kind of love.