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Twittering from the Womb

Kickbee Twitter

There are a few things pregnant women have to endure on their own -- morning sickness and swollen ankles among them -- in spite of the care and comfort of loved ones. But in an attempt to lessen the differences between the pregnancy experiences of mom and dad, Kickbee was born.

The Kickbee is a fabric band with embedded electronics and sensors that a pregnant mom wears around her tummy. Whenever the baby kicks, a Twitter message is posted to the web, and dad can have an awareness of his baby's movements too. In addition to checking the Twitter website, users can have text messages sent to their phones with each update. Twitter also acts as a data log that you can look back on and save forever.

The inventor, Corey Menscher, is a Masters student at the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program and debuted the Kickbee -- his class project -- with his pregnant wife Ellen as his model.

In some ways fetal Twittering seems like a gratuitous use of technology. But Menscher and others see the Kickbee as a way for fathers who spend a great deal of time away from home to stay involved. The Kickbee isn't on the market yet, but if it was would you buy one?

You can visit Menscher's Kickbee Twitter here.
For more explanation on how the Kickbee works, read Menscher's webpage.