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Unabashed Bragging

My poor family and friends. They've endured my reports of every single cute thing my daughter has probably ever done. I try to reign it in – and I often do a good job of it – but sometimes, the cuteness just has to be itemized for the world.

So here goes. A top 5 list of darn adorable acts of baby girliness:

#5: When she eats peas, she'll put one in her ear and leave it there until her meal is over. (We throw that one away.)

#4: My hats immediately become her hats. Is anything more *squeal!* than a baby with a big, fuzzy head?

#3: Her favorite words are “Thank You” and “Happy.”

#2: When she spills something, as I'm wiping it up, she toddles over with one of her stuffed animals and wipes it up with me.

#1: Ask her “Where's your nose?” and she puts her finger IN her nose.

I know, I know: all kids do cute things. But my polite, pea-eared, neat freak, nose picker makes my heart soar.

Won't you join me? Brag about your kids in the comments!