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Use It or Lose It? The Time Out Pad

The other day, my 2-year-old darling decided to take her artwork to our living room walls. While I'm glad that most crayons and markers are washable, it's still not a habit I want her to develop. Enter the time out.

In our house, she sits on the fireplace step for a minute or two. Usually, she cries. I use that precious free time to fold laundry or check a few emails.

So what do you make of this: a battery-operated time out pad. The makers (Gro-Group) ask, "How do you monitor a time out when you've got so many things to do? And what happens if a child gets up during the time out? How does the child know when the time out is finished?"

Their solution: a plastic cushion equipped with a red-yellow-green light, a timer, and congratulatory beeping when their time out is over. Unless your kid bails on their time out, and then an alarm will sound.

daily fave - - time out pad 

Let us know what you think! Do time outs require technology? Or is this still something best administered the old-fashioned way (like me saying, "Go sit in time out until Mommy finishes crafting a hysterical new Facebook status says you can come out.")?