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Video Game Review: National Geographic Panda

Thanks, Namco Bandai, for this great combination of an educational and fun game for the Nintendo DS! 

What could be more fun than raising your very own panda babies? Okay, fine. They’re virtual panda babies, but still. You get to pet and cuddle them, not to mention giving them awesome toys, fancy clothes, yummy bamboo treats, refreshing showers, and more. You can also build a panda house (mine is a log cabin with blue and white polka-dot carpet). Your little cutie even develops its own personality, depending on how you treat them.

When your panda grows up, new panda babies arrive, bringing double the trouble and triple the fun. Personally, I like having multiple pandas because it’s terribly cute to watch them all tumble around together.

For every day that I played, I unlocked new features that taught me about my pandas. There’s no real plot to advance; the simple goal is for you to help your panda friends grow up. Similar games include Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, SIMs, Tamagotchi, and Neopets.

My recommendation: kids who love animals will probably love this too.