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Walt Disney World: Tricked Out in Flowers



About this time of the year, every year, the weather in New York is still crummy. I feel completely abandoned by the sun, and I pretty much have forgotten what flowers even look like -- so I was lucky to check out Walt Disney World's International Flower and Garden Festival in Orlando, when the grounds are tricked out with the most amazing flower displays. Before I had seen the festival, which runs until May 31, I didn't even know I cared about flowers. I am not a huge gardener and plants usually die instantly when in my captivity. But I was wowed by the jaw-dropping topiaries and cartoon-bright flower beds planted in Disney-themed patterns. There are tons of activities for kids as well, like garden-themed scavenger hunts, a butterfly garden, pirate and fairy themed playgrounds, and earth stations that encourage green living. My mom and I had so much fun walking around and stumbling upon our favorite Disney characters coming to life in the form of bright daisies and ivies. (The Aladdin one, I must admit, was a little frightening -- he had a large pile of unruly black hair on his head and his arms were raised in front of him, rather zombie-like.)

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