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Want to Get a Children's Book Published?

Lots of us think about it, since being a mom involves A) a lot of reading them and B) a lot of story-telling, from “Let me tell you what will happen if you put that fork in that outlet” to the more enjoyable, “Once there was a little girl named Alice …”

But if you’ve gone from “I think I could write a children’s book” to “No, I really think I could write a children’s book,” and are looking for help, the folks at Little Airplane Productions want to be there for you.

Founded by an Emmy award-winning writer for Sesame Street, they’ve created shows like Wonder Pets!, and Oobi! (a 2001 Gold Parents’ Choice Award winner), and their weekend workshop for aspiring tot-tv producers has resulted in at least one deal.

This May, they’re branching out in a new direction: Picture books. They’re hosting a 3-day workshop where aspiring authors can mingle with book agents, authors, and published pros. It’s an investment, requiring a trip to New York, a kid-free weekend, and some hefty tuition. But you’ll get face time with people like Jon Scieszka (author of The Stinky Cheese Man), Greg Foley (Thank You, Bear), and publisher Anne Schwartz, who was behind Ian Falconer’s Olivia. And Susan Boyle isn’t the only one who’s dreamed a dream, right?