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What to do when you're trapped indoors with the kids (even if you're not crafty!)

I just swam to work today and felt a wave of dread, because the rainy and cold weather season has just begun and already I’ve spent one weekend day baking cupcakes and another baking cookies with my kids, my in-case-of-extreme-boredom bad weather indoor activity.

Those are my fall-backs. It’s only December 9. And I can’t afford the calories.

And then I remembered my friend Veronique’s blog, Little Elephants, which has the most doable kid crafts and suddenly, I felt like there was hope that my daughter Sasha wouldn’t altogether become one with the television this winter.

The crafts are as un-Marthaish as you can imagine -- easy and cheap to make, and doable for little kids as well as bigger ones. Plus, they come out really beautifully, so your kids will feel proud and you will feel competent.

My recent favorites: the holiday angels and a supercute advent calendar. There are also lovely recipes and nonjudgmental parenting advice sprinkled in among the glitter and glue -- something I can never get enough of.