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What do you think about year-round school?

This week, President Obama floated the idea of year-round school.

So far, the national conversation has been -- you guessed it -- divided.

Supporters say that shorter vacations (2-3 weeks off, several times a year) will keep their kids from losing ground over the summer. That schools have the potential to be more than just classrooms, but can be community centers. That eventually, the standard of U.S. education will rise, and that this can only make us stronger, economically.

Those against it say that summer vacation is more than just a perk; it's much-needed down-time for families to spend time together. It also fuels the travel and tourism industry for a quarter of every year, and businesses large and small would suffer from the missing business.

What do you think? Would you want your children to go to school year-round? Why or why not?

And if anyone has gone to year-round school, or if your child is on this schedule, what's the scoop? We want to know the pros and cons!