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What Happened to Rainy Day Fun?

The east coast has been battered by storms for the last several weeks, and tensions are running high. The forecast for next week is equally glum.

As a child, I wouldn’t care. Often my parents handed over swimsuits and let us run around our large back yard where we scared up worms (and other creepy-crawlies), puddle jumped, and looked for rainbows.

When the rain was too intense, we’d stave off boredom with board games, puzzles, cards, and movies -- all treats for outdoorsy, athletic kids who rarely sat still for more than 15 minutes. We’d build large blanket-and-pillow forts and read by flashlights. By early afternoon, we’d plan dinners that included time-consuming cooking projects that left us covered in flour. At bedtime, we were exhausted, but content, and we barely noticed that we spent the entire day indoors.

Why is it, then, that as adults the rain almost always ruins plans? Traffic is slower. Commuters are more hostile. Morning workout gets derailed. The longer it rains the more the doom-and-gloom settles in. Maybe, this time, I’ll fight it. There has to be an easy pizza recipe somewhere. Otherwise, do you have any ideas to stave off adult-onset cabin fever?

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