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What Should I Eat? Candy Edition!

Sometimes I crave candy, but I don't necessarily know what kind of candy -- I just know that I want something sweet. Do I feel like popping some Pez or indulging in Raisinets? Am I jonesing for a Sky Bar? Or am I in a Nerd kind of mood? This can be a problem. Seriously.

Thank God for the "What Should I Eat?" Candy Flowchart! It asks specific questions, such as "Do you want to play with it?" and "Do you care about your teeth?" to find the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. I just went through the chart, and I must confess that I cheated in order to skew the results toward me getting a Nutrageous bar (I was in a nuts-n-chocolate mood), but it was still lots of fun to play. Got kids with a sweet tooth? (In other words, got kids?) Bookmark this so they can have even more fun choosing a special candy treat.