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What's in a (Baby) Name?

"This baby is absolutely, definitely not a Presley."

That's what one mom blogger wrote about her daughter's name...a month after she was born.

Aside from "Boy or girl?", "What will you name him/her?" is probably the most commonly-asked baby question -- and a subject that can bring on a roller coaster of emotions. What about nicknames? How will the initials look? Do you go with family names? (My family had a penchant for recycling names, which led to two Annes, two Margarets, two Kates, two Toms, two Charleses and three Jims. Needless to say things can get a little confusing at get-togethers.)

Eventually, the mom blogger legally changed her daughter's name to Summer. But she's not alone -- The New York Times cites a 2007 study that states three percent of parents are unhappy with their baby's name, and would change it.

There's also the issue of "stealing" names. Remember the Sex and City episode where Charlotte gets all in a huff because her friend stole "her" baby girl name Shayla? Nobody really "owns" a name, but has a friend or family member ever "stolen" a baby name from you? Are you happy with the names you chose for your kids?

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