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What's Your Parenting Style?

I'm a benevolent dictator!

I just wanted to let y'all know about our awesome new personality test. It's quick and fun -- just answer 15 questions, and we'll tell you all about your style.

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Here's what it said about me. (And I actually agree with it -- which is cool, because I usually don't agree with personality tests. Hmm!)

Benevolent Rule
When it comes to setting rules and expectations with your kids, you're sort of a benevolent dictator – in the nicest way. When you know what's best for them, there's no need to discuss your decisions. But when it's appropriate, you're happy to take a more democratic approach and let your kids have their say. This kind of combination of firmness and fairness means that you can have open discussions with your children while still being able to assert your authority when it matters.

True! I do draw a line in the sand on the things that truly matter. Otherwise, I'm pretty good about going with the flow.

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