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When Your Baby Name Gets Taken

It’s the only reason I’d welcome a phone call at 1am: I am once again an aunt! I had to laugh when I heard my brand new nephew’s name: Quinn. That’s been on the baby name short list for our little guy, and my husband’s been campaigning hard for it as his #1 pick. Sorry, babe -- guess we’re going with my top choice!

I love the name Quinn, but I didn’t want to use it because friends named their son a variation on the name (Quentin), making it feel a little less special and cool to me. My husband thinks that's hogwash, that we can still use a name even if people we know have also used it. Obviously Quinn is out of the running now (it’s hard enough keeping all the cousins straight without name duplication), but I maintain that I’d like to choose a name that hasn’t already been “taken.”

Would you choose a baby name that a friend had also used? Have you ever had a baby name taken before you had a chance to use it?

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