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Who Has it Easier: Married or Single Moms?

I’ve always been in awe of single moms, based on the few harried times a month my husband travels and I am solo for a day or two. And yet, I have to admit in some ways it’s more harmonious to be on my own, focusing only on my kid, and doing things exactly the way I like them done.

In light of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent report on the rise in single motherhood, the blogosphere have been buzzing about a survey from Babytalk about the drawbacks – and surprising advantages -- of being a single mom (thanks for the link love, Motherlode!) Among the pros of being on your own: no one to bicker with over parenting decisions, no effort expended to work on marriage, and the freedom to follow your and only your dreams.

We’d love to hear from the single moms out there. Do you think in some ways you’re happier being on your own?