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Why I Bought Pizza on the Way Home from the Chocolate Show

Last week I went to the Chocolate Show in New York City. Don’t get too jealous. It only sounds like an insanely, deliciously sinful experience. In reality, it reduces grown people to toddlers: We want everything in sight, but we can’t have it.

The Chocolate Show is really a trade show for the industry, but open to the sweets-craving public. And that’s sort of the problem: These people want to sell their stuff—to stores. Not to the wild-eyed women walking around searching desperately for the few companies who put out samples (yes, that was me). But I guess I did manage to get my fill, because if you’ve ever told your kids to eat dinner before dessert, I can now remind you that there’s a good reason for that. Seven different kinds of chocolate on an empty stomach=headache central. I freely embarrassed myself by going back to the Fairytale Brownies booth at least three times. Their new flavor, cream cheese blended with chocolate, is worth every calorie. Buy them, hide them, eat them and be happy.