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Win a Trip to D.C. To Fight For Better Schools with Parenting's Editor Susan Kane and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

With both of my kids now in school, quality education is more important to me than ever. So imagine how excited I am that the Secretary of Education, the passionate, dynamic Arne Duncan, is coming to speak at a Parenting event on Monday, May 3 -- and just as exciting, you could be selected to attend not just the event but an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. where you’ll hang around with me, moms from every state in the country, pretty much everybody who matters when it comes to quality education and a whole bunch of us fun-loving Parenting mommies and daddies (and mommies-to-be....there are always a bunch of those here!).

Sound cool? Parenting has started a fabulous group called the Mom Congress, to connect and celebrate moms who are advocating for positive change in their kids’ schools. When my son had too much homework one year -- so that he and other classmates and their families’ lives were being wrecked by the amount -- a friend and I spoke up to the teacher and asked for a change. Guess what? Change happened -- fast -- and we were all better for it. Since then I’ve been a watchdog on the homework front. What’s your issue? Have you tried to get the menus changed for the healthier in your child’s cafeteria? Or fought to keep an art class the principal or superintendent wanted to cut?

Go immediately to our Mom Congress page and tell us why you should get a paid vacay to our nation’s capital and spend some time with me and Arne. We’re convening a virtual Mom Congress in Washington, with moms from every state and D.C. too. I can’t wait to meet you!

Enter yourself or a mom you know in the Mom Congress contest!