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Would You Flick Off This Car?

I recently received a large, pink “Expectant Mommy” banner in the mail. According to the Safe press release, it was invented by a then-pregnant woman who suffered a scary road-rage incident. This flag is to pregnant women what "Baby on Board" stickers were to babies back in the day. According to, the banner works: "Drivers were now letting me merge in front of them with ease and no more fingers and obscenities were hurled my way.”

I know she just wanted some cooperation and kindness on the road, but I think the banner is a little silly. I'm not less likely to cut or flick someone off if I think they are pregnant -- I don’t want to put anyone’s safety in jeopardy. I even think it could be hazardous -- drivers could easily get distracted trying to read it or figure out what it’s getting at.

If I saw this on the road, I don't know how I'd react. It’s not a cautionary image, like “Baby on Board." So, is it a declaration of pregnancy pride? Should I be thinking, “go pregnant lady, go?” My mind is not quick enough to associate a huge pink stork flag with “that woman is pregnant, therefore I should exercise extreme caution while driving around her and let her merge in front of me” in the half second it takes me to decide if I'm going to scream an obscenity or sideswipe someone. (Like I said, I’m not really into that.)

Please keep in mind -- I’ve never been pregnant, and I don’t have a car. So I’m dying to know: is this banner silly or not? If you’ve been pregnant, would it make you feel safe? Could the banner cause an accident? Would you drive more carefully around a car sporting this banner? Or would you be there with me, misreading the meaning of this banner, but cheering "go, mama, go!" all the same?