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Would You Tell Your Kids You Ate All Their Halloween Candy?

Joking with your kids can be fun, but telling them you ate all their hard-earned Halloween candy (when you didn't)? That's just cruel.

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It's also exactly what Jimmy Kimmel urged parents to do so he could make a YouTube Challenge compilation video of parents telling their kids they ate all the candy ("especially the peanut butter cups"). Predictably, the results are heartwrenching. Lots of crying, squealing, whining, and even one "Daddy, you're ugly!" Ouch!

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Some of the kids are hilariously adorable (make sure to check out the kids at the 2:45 mark). But is this too mean? Would you pull this prank on your kids?

(I seriously hope this kid's parents don't try this stunt; some kids just don't know how to take a joke.)

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