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Would You Watch the Octomom Reality T.V. Show?

The Octomom drama has more twists than San Francisco’s Lombard Street. Now, cable networks have decided the mom’s story might not warrant an American reality T.V. show.

In January, we were amazed that someone could give birth to eight babies. We wondered how Nadya Suleman, a single mother, would support that brood.

Then came the craziness. Unemployed, she shared a three-bedroom house with her mother and her six other children. She was living on public assistance. She implanted six embryos when most doctors would only implant two or three.

It seemed like a made-for-reality show situation. The drama! The mayhem! The mother-daughter fighting!

After months and meetings with four production companies, it seems that only the U.K.'s Eyeworks is interested in Suleman. They don’t have a deal, yet, but it looks like they're getting close--and the show is focusing on Suleman's family and her search for love. If successful in the U.K., the show could move to the U.S.

But, U.S. networks don't want it, citing her erratic behavior and baffling motives. Others worry advertisers will balk at being associated with Octomom.

Would you watch a reality T.V. show based on Nadya Suleman’s life?