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WTFriday: 8-year-olds shaking it to "Single Ladies"


The last "Single Ladies" viral video featured a dad crushing his poor little boy's dream of being a single lady. Today's WTF is actually a semi-WTF, since we're still undecided about the latest Single Ladies tribute.

The clip features 8 and 9-year-old girls shaking everything they've got (which, at 8 and 9, is not that much) to the Beyonce hit. While there's no doubt these girls are super fierce and talented dancers, I can't help but think this would be more appropriate if they were, say, 10 years older (I know my mom would NEVER have let me out of the house, at 8 or 9, in the costumes they're wearing).

What do you think -- is this ok for girls in this day and age? Or were the outfits and moves too much?