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WTFriday: Baby Bangs!



I can't be the only one who threatens to shave her head every time she has a bad hair day. I'm convinced that's one of the reasons babies seem so happy – you don’t have to worry about bad hair days if you barely have any hair (and don’t know even know what hair is). That's why I cannot fathom why moms would want to buy BabyBangs! ("For the girl who has everything -- except hair!") It's a headband. For your baby. To make her look like she's 35. Apparently it's to solve the annoyance of strangers approaching your baby and asking "is it a boy or a girl?" But how big of a problem is that? Babies certainly don't care.

I know that these are intended for fun, and trust me -- when I have a baby, she can be decked to the nines in all the awesome stuff little girls get to wear: frills, pink, etc. But I'm not going to put a scratchy band on her head -- baby heads are beautiful just as they are.

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