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WTFriday: Disney snobs


Jason and Goofy last year


In exactly 9 days, my family is departing for a weeklong Disney World extravaganza, courtesy of my insanely generous in-laws. We'll be at the parks! We'll be on the ship! The three kids under 5 (as well as my husband, a life-long Disney fan) will lose their minds! Sure, it's going to be crazy, not at all relaxing, but it's going to be pretty hard not to have fun.

And yet, whenever I happen to mention that we're about to embark on this trip, there's about a 50/50 chance that the person will respond with a look of pity or even mild disgust. They lament the crowds. The commercialism. The fact that seemingly every little girl is obsessed with princesses thanks to the Mouse. They say, "Disney AND the in-laws?! Good luck." They tell me I'll be in their thoughts. Look, I get it. They're all (mostly) valid points. But they're all also totally beside the point.

Visiting Disney, especially with kids, isn't about having an intellectual debate. It's about watching them literally get lost in the magic—and letting yourself get a little lost, too. I've only been to the parks in Orlando a few times, and only as an adult (we took our son last year for the first time), but I've seen Tinkerbell fly from the roof of the castle, I've seen crazy-real looking ghosts in the Haunted Mansion and I've felt the snowflakes that fall on Main St. during the Christmas parade. And I love that I have no freaking idea how they do it. So to all those Disney snoots out there, I say keep your beeswax to yourself. You don't know what you (or your kids) are missing. Anyone with me?