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WTFriday: Eat Less so Haitians Can Eat?

Smart for Life = The Dumbest Thing Ever! I'm a snack editor, which means lots and lots of treats make their way through my desk (to the delight of my neighbors). Sometimes they’re amazing, like exotically spiced nuts. Sometimes they are, um, interesting, like caffeinated jelly beans. But I have never seen a WTF as baffling as the Smart for Life meal replacement cookies.



The concept -- however absurd -- is simple: "Eat a cookie. Skip a meal. Lose Weight. Save money. Send it to Haiti!" Seriously, the company’s slogan is "You Eat Too Much… They, Not Enough." Is the company personally going to send it profits to Haiti? Doesn't look like it. While your stomach is growling, they advise you to text the Red Cross with your $10 donation or visit their website for a list of charitable organizations. These cookies are not only offensive and unsafe, they taste JUST like a dirty sponge. By all means, donate to Haiti but please, also feel free to sink your teeth into any cookie your heart desires. It’s Friday.