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WTFriday: Mom on a Quest to Become World’s Fattest Woman

After the crazy antics of pseudo-celebs like Octomom, Jon and Kate, and Balloon Boy's parents, I'd hoped we'd seen the last of parents behaving badly. Not even -- Donna Simpson of Old Bridge, N.J. now holds a top spot, on her mission to become the world's fattest woman.

Simpson already holds the title of World's Fattest Mom -- she has a son and a daughter, whose births required a team of 30 medics performing a high-risk C-section on Simpson, who then weighed more than 500 pounds. But she's determined to work her way up to 1,000 pounds from her current 604 by eating 12,000 calories per day (ironically, her favorite food is sushi, but she can eat 70 pieces at once). To sustain her weekly food shopping bill of $750, Simpson set up a website where people pay to watch her eat. To boot, Simpson insists she's healthy and that her husband "would like it if I was bigger."

So. So. SO. Wrong. Why would you court a disability that prevents you from being able to do things like play with and take care of your kids? She’s also setting a terrible example for them.

Needless to say Simpson has garnered tons of media attention -- a reality show and a book deal might be in the works (ugh, natch). But Simpson's also caught the attention of weight loss expert Sanford Siegal, M.D. Dr. Siegal is offering Donna $50,000 to stop her quest to reach 1,000 pounds and to lose weight. No word yet if Simpson will accept his offer, but let's hope she listens to somebody.