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WTFriday: "My Husband Cleans Too Much!"

Shocking news from Germany: a woman recently divorced her husband because he's a neat freak. She claims she had enough when he knocked down a wall when it was too dirty. But, hey -- he did rebuild the wall (and he didn’t demonstrate total housekeeping obliviousness, which is more than we can say for some men we know). We don’t get it. We heart men who clean, and we’re not the only ones. Case in point: check out Porn for Women -- a book full of juicy images of men getting down and dirty with cleaning supplies.

But back to that couple in Germany: Let's be real -- OCD cleaning and moving around the furniture all the time could get a little annoying. But what's worse: having a neat-freak husband or a total slob?

(If you love Porn for Women, check out the rest of the series, Porn for New Moms and XXX Porn for Women: Hotter, Hunkier, and More Helpful Around the House!.You can also send some hilarious e-cards to your friends on their site,

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