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WTFriday: National Tooth Fairy Day?

Losing baby teeth can be traumatic. Will it hurt? Will it bleed? What if I swallow it? What if my big-kid teeth never grow in?

Enter the Tooth Fairy, who reassures kids that losing teeth is healthy and gets recognized tomorrow during National Tooth Fairy Day!

For most kids, she’s a legend. She sneaks in at night, takes teeth, and leaves money in their place. I, however, was kindergarten’s biggest scaredy cat. As my first loose tooth started wiggling more, my anxiety grew. By the time it popped out, I was a mess.

That’s when my parents mentioned the Tooth Fairy—a Tinker Bell look-a-like with Santa’s cat burglar-like skills and gifts. Not a bad deal. Right? Think again.

“What if she steals me?!” I wailed.

My parents were shocked. Looking back on it, so am I.

Tomorrow I’ll celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day by calling my mom to thank her for always slipping the tooth-filled envelope from under my pillow—and somehow surviving my Scared-of-Everything phase.