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WTFriday: Respond, Please!

So there’s my son’s birthday party all planned and ready to go, and I had four kids who just would not respond. And this is after I had to hunt down three others past the RSVP date.

Have you ever gotten a party invite, then completely ignored it?

I left a nice message for one mom, asking if her son was coming to the party, and what did I hear from her? Crickets! The party was at a skating rink (20 bucks a kid, for the record), and as luck would have it, this boy showed up anyway. I didn’t have his name on the list, didn’t have a goody bag for him … and now I’m the mean mom? Please.

Not to mention that my husband accidentally invited a few extra kids while talking to their moms about the party. I could have throttled him!

Where’s the RSVP love? Does anyone else have this problem?