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WTFriday: Thin-skinned tweens

In the car this morning on the way to drop off Alex, my 12-year-old, at school, she was (as usual) quickly brushing her lovely long, thick hair, since we had (as usual) run out of time at home. As we pulled up to the school, she tossed the brush on the floor and gathered her stuff. “Do you want to bring that brush with you?” I asked, just in case she hadn’t noticed that it had hit the floor rather than her bag.
    She glared at me. “Are you saying my hair is messy? Are you saying it doesn’t look good? Nice. Thanks a lot.”
           WTF!? This is when I realized we’ve entered new territory: the Tween Land o’ Landmines, where anything and everything you say can be misconstrued as offensive, and/or judged just plain stupid. Yikes!
    This will be my second time crossing this territory; Kate, at 16, is for the most part on the other side. (And we survived!) Ah well—time to don the flak jacket once again.
    I wonder: Do moms of tween boys have to deal with this as well? Please, share!