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WTFriday: That Tinkling Sound From the Hall

You know that feeling you get that your kid's up to something, somewhere? I experienced that eerie sensation this morning as I was finishing off my coffee.

No sooner had I asked my wife, "Where's Charlie?" than I heard the sound of water rushing in our hallway. I discovered my almost-3-year-old son Charlie, practicing his new potty, on, and all around my shoes!

And so I bid farewell this morning to a slightly worn pair of ECCO Berlin GORE-TEX shoes. They needed some polish, they got a shower. I did so like your Comfort Fiber System with improved air flow, which I've come to learn holds twice its weight in urine. Hope the folks at the office don't mind my natty old sneakers today – at least it’s casual Friday.

Ok, so this is a story about pee but you get the idea. What’s your craziest poop story?