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WTFriday: Weird Noises on the Train

Coming in this morning on the Long Island Railroad, after one of Those Mornings with the kids. (“Drive me to school first!” “No, drive me! I have a test today!” “Your tests don’t matter—you’re only in seventh grade!” “Mooooooooommmmm!”) Settle in, take out my work (this is how I manage to leave the office most days at a sane hour: I work on the way in, on the way home, after the kids are asleep…..).

And I hear this weird noise. Kind of like a squeak, but a somewhat deep one. And again. And again. I listen to see if there’s a pattern to it (is it the wheels of the train, rubbing against something?), but no: silence for awhile, then three squeaks in a row. Then they change: aahroooooo. And get a little louder and higher AAAHROOOO!

A dog! I look around, always happy to see a dog, and look for a pet carrier—the railroad rules say that dogs and cats have to be one during the whole ride. Nothing on all the seats or floor nearby. Confusing. This sound is definitely nearby.

I go back to my work, poking my head up every now and then when I hear AWR! AWR! AWR! or ROOooooOOO…. Then we pull into Penn Station and I gather my things and start toward the door.

And there, two seats behind me, is a woman wearing a baby sling. And inside is a very squished dog, belly up, his nose poking out the top. WTF?! I can’t imagine this pup's very happy, but what do I know? I’m a big-dog person.

What do you think? Dogs in slings—good idea, or wack-o?