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WTFriday: Woman Breastfeeds Her Dog

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You just can't make this stuff up. Single mother Suzanne Morgan, 32, settled her daughter Tasha for bed, but her dog Dixie would not stop barking. Morgan says he was hungry, and she didn't have money for dog food. But since she was breastfeeding Tasha, she had milk, so she decided to let Dixie nurse, too. 

“It tickled at first, but then, as she started suckling away, it didn't feel much different to having Tasha there. 'You liked that, didn't you girl?' I said, as she gently pawed my chest. Despite having a mouthful of sharp teeth, she didn't bite me and 10 minutes later, I gently pulled her off." 

Morgan is pregnant again and says she'll take a break from breastfeeding Dixie when her new baby is born. But for now, she's still nursing her dog twice a day for twenty minutes at a time. We are used to telling moms, "Hey, whatever works for you." But to this we say: Um, really? 

What do you think? Does it gross you out?