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WTFriday: Your iPhone Has PMS

Okay, I understand that everyone is scrambling to come up with the next killer app for the iPhone. But a PMS reminder?

Personally, I rely on other signals that my PMS may (or may not!!) be among us:

> If I get irritated because it takes someone more than a week to put his clean laundry away, and I happen to be premenstrual when I say something snarky about it, it's just a coincidence. Everyone calm down.

> If a baby soap commercial makes me cry -- okay. There could be hormones at play. (Can you resist a bubble hat on a chubby, naked baby?)

    But puh-leeeeze! Don't ever try to explain away my emotions or my tiny, fleeting stresses with a calendar setting!

    Guys who attempt this will find that a) it's an imperfect tracking system and b) they're risking serious backlash, come the day his woman realizes he's squashed her life into numbered boxes.

    But that's just me. (And no, I don't have PMS right now.)

    What about you? Do you or does someone you know need a PMS reminder?