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Is Your House Making You Sick?

Malcolm Rands, also known as Eco Man, sets us straight on the chemicals in our cleaning products. Rands owns Ecostore, a company that uses completely non-toxic, plant-based ingredients. What you must know about keeping your house eco-friendly and safe:

Chemicals in Cleaning Products Can Be More Dangerous Than Pesticides and Fungicides in FoodsI was living in an eco-village in New Zealand, (a community that uses sustainable agriculture and natural resources to enrich the ecosystem) and started selling Ecostore, bio-degradable cleaning products with plant based ingredients. In an eco-village, each member of the community is responsible for their own waste water, so I got started looking at the ingredients of our dish washing liquid, the laundrydetergent, the shampoo, the body products, all the stuff that in the end go down the sink and into the water system, and I was outraged. The chemicals in those products are actually worse than the pesticides and fungicides we'd been fighting against in the eco-village. There have never been any restrictions for cleaning products, you never have to say what's in them. They say, "Well you're not drinking the stuff, what's the problem?" But when people start using natural products, they say, "I don't sneeze anymore. I had this rash for ages and it's finally gone away. My eczema seems to be clearing up." That was unexpected. We were just trying to save the planet, you know.

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