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Yum! Dirt You Can Eat

Photo courtesy of Flickr user betterbethany, CC Licensed

Word has it that you don't need to worry so much about the Kid Food Trifecta of chicken nuggets, Tootsie Rolls and dirt. We already know that babies like to explore with their mouths and bigger kids are just plain messy. So sometimes the things they end up eating can be a little gross. But as it turns out, not only is it normal, it's healthy to ingest a little dirt (we can't say the same for the Tootsie Roll).

According to a recent New York Times article, "Babies Know: A Little Dirt is Good for You," researchers are concluding that the bacteria, viruses and worms (ew) in dirt train human immune systems to respond properly. Trying to stay hyper-clean might even result in autoimmune disorders, allergies and asthma.

What does that mean for moms? Keep your kids in the habit of washing their hands after using the bathroom and when they're visibly soiled but don't freak out when they're playing barefoot in the yard. Stay away from antibacterial products and hey, get a dog!

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