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Airport Programs Help Families With Autism Navigate Travel

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For any family, air travel can be stressful enough. But when one or more of your kids have been diagnosed with autism, travel comes with its own set of special challenges. 

Now, a new program called "Navigating Autism" at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport aims to help families with autism navigate the tricky and often-stressful world of airports. 

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Developed by Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Autism Society of Minnesota and Fraser, the program helps families living with autism by going through every step to get on a plane in advance the trip. So when vacation day comes, the routine should already be a familiar and more-comfortable experience. 

Another similar program was recently launched in Massachusetts. Wings for Autism is a regular event offering families with children on the autism spectrum a chance to go to the airport and get on an airplane during a low-stress, dry run.