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Video: The Bravest of Baby Steps


"I can do it!" 

There is almost no other combination of words that can fill a parent with more gooey pride than those four. 

But for Gavin Robert Stevens, 4, that simple declaration is equal parts self-pep-talk and shout of triumph. Gavin, who was diagnosed at just four months with a rare hereditary retina disease, is blind. And here he is, in a video that has been making the rounds online, cheering himself on as he successfully navigates a street curb for the first time. 

Watch as Gavin taps the sidewalk with his cane, cautiously approaching the edge of the curb. He never hestitates – just calmly and deliberately makes his way down the step as his mother cheers him along from behind the camera. 

Count us among Gavin's "groupies." If parenting is all about celebrating your kids' milestones, Gavin humbles us with the reminder every huge new height is scaled one brave baby step at a time.