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3 happy things

egg tree


So we met with the mediator last night, and I'm still processing. I figured I'd indulge in some distraction and focus on the good:

1.  I completely followed through on one of our traditions: Making our egg tree! I didn't slack on anything (like I have with practically every other holiday since the separation). I blew out the eggs. Got little springy wooden cut-outs and eggs for Miss Monkey to decorate. Cut the branches from our budding magnolia tree. The whole process felt so blissfully normal. And we had so much fun doing it together!

2.  I got carded at the wine shop tonight. FOR REAL. Must continue to dress like schlumpy college student.

3. Hamish and Andy. My friend J recently introduced me to these hilarious guys from Australia. I can't stop watching their clips on YouTube. Just do a search to find them and be sure to watch "Gangaroos" and "Ghosting" and the mother's day special. If you need a laugh, look them up. You'll pee your pants. xo, Evie