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Another one down

I spent a good chunk of last week winging between wallow and denial that I was actually spending my birthday and my favorite holiday without my husband. I thought about how much fun it was to host our very first Thanksgiving last year. I thought about the time he surprised me with this super cool cake from a bakery I saw on the Food Network. Then I thought about how there won't be any new memories like those to look back on. And that was much too sad.

So yesterday, I decided I'd least try to approach Christmas with a little more, well, verve. I hauled out the boxes of decorations for outside and holiday-ed up the front AND back porches. Then I hit the farm stand to pick out my tree. I had to choose a smaller one than usual: It's squat and sweet and will be beautiful.

Of course, I let my mind wander back to the times when we did these together, but then I looked at what I'd created for me and my little girl to enjoy -- and it felt kind of awesome. Just like the holidays should.