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"Are you married to Daddy?"

This is what my daughter asked me out of the blue yesterday morning. Before I could choke out a "Yes," she followed up with: "Were you married before I was born? Did you wear a white suit?"

Thank god for the last one because that was the only thing that kept me from breaking down right there. I told her that, yes, we were married before she was born and that I did wear a pretty white dress. Then she wanted to see the big book with the pictures. I think we've only looked at it together once or twice, and definitely not recently, so I was surprised she remembered.

Reluctantly, I pulled it out and we snuggled down on the couch. We went through it page by page, with her asking about every person in every shot and squealing when she spotted a relative she knew.

I wish I could have seen it through her eyes, with excitement and joy and wonder. Instead all I saw in the pictures was girl who so sure...and so naive.