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Dating 180

I had a nervous feeling all day on Friday. My horoscope had said to avoid traveling on the 26th and of course I had to fly back home from the holiday. And I'm not a great flyer to begin with. So when we landed early after a completely smooth flight, I figured the worst was yet to come. Sure enough, when I turned my phone back on at baggage claim there was a text from P cancelling our date for last night. He got called in to work. To say that I was disappointed is like saying....well, I don't even know. I had to catch my breath.  Now I'm fully aware that he's got a job where this kind of thing can and does happen regularly, so the small part of brain that remains rational knows not to take it personally and not to jump to a million different conclusions. Problem is, the rest of my head is having a field day in the bounce house of my skull: Maybe he didn't have to work. Maybe I'll never see him again. It was crazy to think he'd be in to me. Why didn't he ask to reschedule? Why hasn't he called since? Why'd you let yourself get so excited? It only sets you up for serious disappointment. Just like everything else...that marriage, for instance. Never thought you'd have to be alone? Ha. Now you get to be in your late-ish 30s, kid in tow, stressing over whether some guy will call or not. 

UUUUUGGGGGHHHH. I know, I know...this is just part of being in the dating world and it's going to happen again and again. And it doesn't really mean anything at all. (Though now I finally understand why my shrink recommends having three guys in rotation. She's very wise.) And yet. If any good is to come of this, I suppose it's this:  I have (almost) no urge to contact him. We had a brief text exchange on Friday when I got his message, but that was it. He cancelled, so it's up to him to make up for it, right? Sigh. Lessons in perspective are HARD!

Your have you guys dealt with this kind of thing??? xo, Evie