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Happy 4th!

I may be moving in two weeks (YAY!) but I'm taking this weekend off from packing for a much, much, MUCH overdue trip to see my parents, sis, BIL, and niece and nephew. And I can't wait! I have chubby cheeks to squeeze and babies to hold and old friends to see. In fact, I haven't looked forward to a weekend at "home" so much in ages. After all the drama of the last few months, spending a few days at my sister's house feels like a five-star getaway. Totally comfortable. Good food. Lots of beer. Hilarious kids. There will be lots to love. PLUS, it's my gram's 85th birthday on Sunday. I never get to be there for birthday parties, and this one feels extra special. She and my grandfather celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary this month. That's right, SIXTY FOUR years they've been married. I can't say that they've all been easy or even happy, and they are still world-class bicker-ers, but I can't help but be swept away a little by the romance of it. 

But at the same time, I feel lucky that I grew up in my generation rather than hers. As much as I'd always hoped I'd have one happy marriage for my entire life, I'm so, so grateful that I had the confidence and awareness to know that I deserved better than I had...even if it took me a really REALLY long time to figure out. And as the summer opens before me, I realize I have more things to look forward to than to dread. The happy is starting to outweigh the sad. And once again—or maybe for the first time—I'm starting to feel whole. xox, Evie